Athens Appraisal

“We are all Greeks tonight”, were the emotional words delivered by Jean-Manuel Levêque, the newly elected President of the International Association of Plant Bakers AIBI that struck the hearts of the congress participants of the 34th plant bakeries summit in Athens. The warm words chosen by Jean-Manuel at the Gala night on the evening of 6th June aimed at George Mavromaras, his predecessor and host, will stay in our minds and hearts for a long time. It was not only due to the marvelous artistic program performed by the three divine singers that made this night unforgettable, but also the outstanding overall impression of this conference in Athens.


Those present from the world of plant bakers returned to their places of work with innovative concepts and aims thanks to the transfer of knowledge brought by the congress. George Mavromaras and the general secretary of AIBI, Susanne Döring, invited extraordinary speakers. They updated our knowledge regarding further development of our companies and job creation and unleashed on our innovative capabilities. Experiencing the Greek culture, as a part of the congress, equally contributed to encouraging us to incorporate the spirit of the talks into our daily work life.


The tremendous impact evoked by the plant bakeries summit in Athens remains.


Similarly, sponsors contributed to the success of the event. Their contribution has benefited and promoted the specialized orientation. Thank you to George, Susanne and everyone involved in making the 34th plant bakers summit in Athens a success.


Yours faithfully, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers President Verband Deutscher Großbäckereien e.V.