AIBI presentation

Association Internationale de la Boulangerie Industrielle (AIBI) International Association of Plant Bakers (AIBI)  

  • Established: 1956 in Paris
  • Mission: Advocating the common interests of plant bakeries at the level of the European and international institutions and providing information services for its members.
  • Members: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece (dormant), Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom


  • President: Joseph STREET, United Kingdom
  • Vice-Presidents
    • Janez BOJC , Slovenia
    • Georg HEBERER, Germany
  • Treasurer: Armin JUNCKER, Germany
  • Secretary General: Susanne DÖRING
  • Bodies: General Assembly, Board of Directors, Technical Committee, Communication Committee
  • Congresses / Meetings:
    • AIBI Congress (biennial)
    • 2019 Congress in Manchester/United Kingdom from 30 to 2 June 2019
    • AIBI Board of Directors Meeting
    • AIBI Technical Committee
    • AIBI Communication Committee